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Dual-Filter Combiner ND-5

Manufacture: Japan Filter Technology, Ltd.




The ND-5 is a dual-filter combining machine developed by Japan Filter Technology(JFT). The greatest features are superior cost performance and thoroughgoing user-oriented design. The timing belt drive system has a simple structure to offer high maintenance efficiency. The quantity of drums is minimized to reduce the downtime needed to change sizes remarkably.

Easy-to-understand operation system has face-to-face layout and enables a single worker to operate two machines. A high-precision quality inspection unit always checks filter for quality stabilization. The operation speed is the highest in the class. The ND-5 is easy to use and features a user-friendly design. This machine promises total cost reduction for filter manufacturing.



Production capability  Rod feed speed  500m/min max

                      Product plugs   5000pcs/min max

Plug dimensions       Product plug    Length 84 to 136mm画像3

                                      Circumference 22.2 to 25.8mm

                      Material plug  Length 84 to 132mm

                                      Segment length 14 to 42mm

                                   Number of segment cuts 3 to 8 cuts


Pneumatic Filter Rod Conveying System

Manufacture: Tokyo Automatic Machinery Works Ltd.


FRFS Pneumatic Filter Feeder


FRRJD Filter Rod Receiver




We, Marubeni Techno-Systems Corp., are the sole agent for the Pneumatic Filter Rod Feeder(FRFS) and Filter Rod Receiver(FRRJD) designed and manufactured by Tokyo Automatic Machinery Works Ltd(TAM).

TAM has a long experience in the field of cigarette and cigarette filter machines and its machines have been actively operating in Japanese cigarette and filter manufacturers and have also been supplied to overseas markets.


Features for FRFS and FRRJD:

・ Vertical Double-Drum system equipped for high speed and stable feeding operation

・ Module design for easy maintenance

・ Large scale control display with touch-panel function

・ Capability of data output about machine operation to connect user’s system.


Specifications for FRRS with FRRJD:

・ Maximum Output: 2,750pcs/min

・ Maximum Feed Distance: 200m

・ Range of Filter Size(circumference/length): φ6.6(20.7mm)~φ8.2(25.7mm) / 72~150mm

・ Filter type: Acetate filters, Charcoal filters dual filters and others

・ Number of drum units: 6units or 9units


The maximum feed distance will vary depending on the layout, number of curves, and inside diameter of the feeding pipes. Specifications are subject to change without notice due to technical improvements or modifications.


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