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Print Circuit Boards



We, Marubeni and co-operated Japanese manufactures supply various kinds of Printed Circuit Boards to overseas customers from R&D stage to Mass production which are used for Smart-phone, Automobile and industrial machine.


● We can supply design-free build-up PCBs with BVH , IVH and Via post to follow various customer requirement from double layer to super fine and thin multi layers.

●For LED applications of COB, our suppliers can handle PCBs with Electric Au plating, Non electric Au plating and Ni-Pd-Au plating which are required severe control.

●For high power LED applications of  illumination , we can propose the best solution .  Metal base PCB, Metal core PCB, and Ceramic board are available.

●From sample build of R&D stage to mass production , We, Marubeni can arrange the best suppliers for customer.


Our co-operated manufactures HP (Not all)

         SATO SEN Co., Ltd.

         KYODEN Co., Ltd.


Industrial Systems Div.

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