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Digital Signage

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Digital Signage
... is the ultimate device for improving customer service at wherever place people gather, such as Shopping Center, Business Complex, Cafeteria, Amusement Park, etc.
However, the digital signage is not just hardware device. It must be a total visual & image solution, to be consulted as a total package including visual contents, operation, marketing and so on.

We, Marubeni Techno-Systems Corp., are pleased to offer the digital signage as a total solution for customers’ demands based on our plenty of experiences.  

One Stop Solution
<Main service items>
a) Concept/Master Plan Support for digital signage solution
b) Suitable Hardware Selections, Layout & System Design
c) Contents Creations & Edits
d) Marketing/Results Check

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Marketing Group - Digital Signage Team
person in charge:  Y. Maemura / M. Tase
(tel: +81-(0)3-5283-1212)

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