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I.Mer Co., Ltd / Printing Automation System (J-Color System)



 J-Color System had been developed for complete automation of ink feeding and fountain cleaning.

 ・IPC System-Ink Present Control system

 ・AR System-AreaReading system

 ・AFC System-Automatic Fountain Cleaning system

 ・ACC System-Automatic Cassette Changer system



>IPC SYSTEM which controls the ink amount by contact length of each segment to the fountain roller, while keeping a fixed clearance between the ink fountain and the fountain roller. By this system, the high reproducibility of repeat printing, stable printing concentration, reduction of large waste paper, and reduction of the emulsification by Dampening water are enabled.  

>Our originally developed AR SYSTEM software enables easy ink calculation from the percentage of read picture area, in TIFF and CIP3-compliant PPF images, and negative-positive film data.

>AFC SYSTEM drastically reduces the fountain cleaning time and it only takes 3 minutes to clean the whole unit. This system cleans the ink fountain and fountain roller instantly and automatically by using a film sheet that covers the fountain.

>Instead of conventional ink tins ACC SYSTEM is using original plastic ink tanks and the robot automatically exchanges and injects the necessary amount of ink to the ink fountain. With this system, the setup is finished within few minutes to improve the working efficiency.

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