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Double Belt Press / Composite Material Production System

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画像1HELD “isobaric” Double Belt Press System

- for continuous lamination (contilam) -

HELD Double Belt Press (DBP) is the continuous lamination/press system with high pressure (up to 100bar) on the entire surface of the products uniformly and with a certain temperature controlled (up to 400°C (750°F)).

<Contilam & Isobaric Press>
HELD DBP can press the products with high pressure (up to 100 bar) evenly on the entire surface through its belts system, which can make continuous lamination/press possible on it, by using unique hydraulic & seal mechanisms. Due to this feature, the products laminated by DBP can have quite uniform & strong joining on laminations.

<High heat conductivity>
DBP uses Heat-Bridge (continuous metal medium) system for heat transfer, which makes the temperature move to the set point very quickly. With this feature, DBP can minimize its foot print or can make its running speed much faster (up to 48/min (=160ft/min)).

The material will be heated and cooled under maintained pressure inside the reaction zone.

 Held DBP

Variety of use:

Construction Materials, Copper Clad Laminate (CCL), Materials for Automobile (PVC/PTFE, etc.), High Function Fiber Materials (GFRP/CFRP, etc.), Fuel Cell/Photovoltaic Cell, Sheet for optics, Materials for wooden floor, etc.

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